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Some see the world as a mere chaos of antagonistic shapes and concepts, but that is not how Fiedel views things. He is prone to seeing rather connections than divisions and finding space for new opportunities where others perceive but emptiness. Mixing styles and moods without losing the storyline is what makes out Fiedel's characteristic sound.

His first DJ gigs in Berlin can be traced back to the early 90's, soon after the Wall fell. He started spinning records at Subversiv's weekly Monday events. MMM, a collaboration with his friend Errorsmith, was initiated shortly after he moved to Berlin.
Later on, he also worked at the record store Hard Wax to which he is still connected, having been in charge of the Killasan sound system since 2001. Fiedel's residency at OstGut began in 2000 and was carried on to his current home base - Berghain.

Further projects include an ongoing collaboration with choreographer Frederic Gies, with whom he works on contemporary dance performances, such as "Technosomatics" or "Dance is Ancient".

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